"We are a studio dedicated to museography and exhibition design. We create temporary and permanent exhibits, interpretation centers and brand experiences." cotizador

Our Work




All our projects begin with a search in which we go deep into contents, we establish relationships with adjoining topics and we create concept maps. This allows us to define narrative axes that articulate contents and collections.



From an accurate content map that provides clarity and depth, evolves an overall concept that comprises the general idea that we to transmit to users. This idea gives unity and meaning to the exhibition, it organizes content and visitor routes, and defines user experience.



A key part of Mapping creation processes is to fail. Fail enough, fail fast and fail cheap. No matter how good is an idea, it needs to be tested in context through sketches and prototypes that may anticipate their weaknesses and maximize their potential before its final version.



In Estudio Mapping design is part of all our processes, from research to production. An advanced design focused in the project's needs and aligned with the human factors of user experience.



A concept that results from rigorous research, that is structured on a powerful map of ideas, that has been enhanced with advanced design and maximized through smart prototyping, must to be launched with an expert production that apply a rational cost structure and that includes the best technology and installation practices.


bexielena lópez


Project Manager

Bexie likes to think about the way the past is used to for present public policies, in how cultural heritage is constantly created and reinvented, and in the problems of representation that are linked to these issues. But most of all she loves production. To create high impact cultural projects.

Trained as an anthropologist, Bexie is dedicated to the coordination and production of museum projects, and has worked in public policy development for the treatment of intangible cultural heritage and the conceptual approach to address these issues.

tel: [+57] 315.209.0012

alexis pacheco


Creative Director

As integral designer understands design as a way of thinking the world and as a good tool to transform it. Faithful follower of creativity, information and the creation of experiences that build bridges between the users needs, the strategy, contents and design.

MA. in Media Art Curatorship of ESDi Barcelona. He worked several years in the field of exhibition design conceptualizing, designing and producing museums, exhibitions and interactive spaces.

tel: [+57] 316.833.3706

reinaldo niebles


UX Director

Ability to break down complex problems and integrate them into unreleased ideas from his experience in various domains of knowledge including Cognitive Psychology (A subject his been teaching at Universidad del Norte for the past 8 years), corporate strategy (He is responsible Business Strengthening Program of Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla) and persuasive communication (as a partner of Estudio Mapping).

His explorations include the extensive reading of Pinker, Carroll and Ariely, which combined with his special passion for iconoclasm, the ideas in construction, and their applications in relay technology.

tel: [+57] 317.429.1451




web[51] 315.209.0012


  • Research and conceptual development
  • Contents and script development
  • Furnishing design and production
  • Graphic design and production
  • Audiovisuals design and production
  • Interactive and new technologies design and production
  • Set up, assemblage and removal of exhibits

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